Electric scooter with the best range – travel further with this guide!

When we buy anything, especially something that is a considered purchase because it is going to cost you more than you would normally spend on a daily basis there are a lot of things that battery-lifeyou need to consider.

I have been thinking about this a lot with regard to purchasing an electric scooter and which one should I buy. There are so many variables within this decision for me. They include that it must be high-quality because it will therefore be safer, it must be one of the more lightweight, otherwise I don’t think it can be classed as a portable form of transport, it must represent value for money, I am also interested in its build it safety features and technology such as the brakes and lights.

However, the thing that I am most concerned about to be totally honest with you, is the battery life and I want to find out the electric scooter with the best range so I can travel the furthest on a single charge without worrying. Ultimately, if I am unable to get from A to B on my electric scooter and then back again then it isn’t the right one for me!

Range anxiety – yes this is real….

The electric car is the reason why we are now talking about ‘range anxiety’ which is basically the drivers fear that there vehicle will not reach its destination.

This range anxiety is one of the reasons why electric cars have not become mainstream, this is not there primary reason obviously, very few people can afford to go out and buy an electric car! They are massively expensive so this is going to prevent most people entering into this form of eco-electric transportation.

But, whatever type of electric vehicle you have to get you from A to B – an electric car, an electric bike or an electric scooter then you need to know that for your journey it is going to get you there and back…….without any fear setting in or ‘range anxiety’ occurring.

My choice for top five best electric scooters with the longest range

Before I begin to list the electric scooters in my top five, there was another element that I also included within my longest range search which I also am considering to be important before I commit to buy.

Along with distance or range, I am also balancing this with weight because I think that it is important that the electric scooter is lightweight enough to still be classed as portable. So, to be portable I think that it should be able to be folded and easily picked up and then stored maybe for an onward journey so in a boot of a car, or maybe at the office or at home…..you get the idea.

During this research I have discovered that the electric scooter market is massive and there are lots of electric scooters which have a fantastic battery and could travel huge distances, like really, really long journeys! But for me, this is not something that these are designed for and the flip side of this is these particular models are large and can weigh 8 times as much as the ones that I want to focus on.


 Gotrax-GXL-commuting-Scooter Out of all the electric scooters that I have chosen, this one does have the shortest range which is 12.5 miles (around 15KMS).

But I thought that this one needed to be in the selection because it fitted the brief regarding the weight which is 31lbs so is completely portable and can easily be folded and carried and stored, the design and build is extremely high quality, it has a good battery which can be charged in only 4 hours and also great brakes….which I do think are very important.

The other factor in me choosing this one was price, it is a really good price point and delivers much the same features as the more expensive electric scooters that I have been researching with seemingly the same build quality but at a lower price. All it is sacrificing here and this is really just by a small margin compared to some others which are considerably more expensive (double!) is a shorter range capability.

Therefore, the Gotrax GXL could be the perfect budget choice if range is not such an issue or access to charging is easy.

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Glion-dolly-foldable-lightweight-electric-scooterI am considering this one because it is one of the lightest which is a really important factor. It only weighs 28lb (12.7KG) so is very portable.

This one has a really clever feature which seems to be unique to this electric scooter. It folds in an instant and when it is folded, instead of carrying it, you can roll it along in the way you would a suitcase. I love this innovative feature and for a journey I can really see the value of this.

Along with its innovative folding feature, the Glion Dolly has a good range of 15 miles (24KMS) and a good quality build and fast 3.5 hour charge.

It does have a price point which is considerably more than the Gotrax GXL so would have to weight up whether the small additional range and less weight are worth it. However, the innovative fold and moveability when not in use of this is extremely interesting and not having to always carry a scooter could prove to be a winner!

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365

This is the first electric scooter that I witnessed whizzing around the streets of Valencia. The Mi xiaomi-mi-electric-scooter-m365Electric Scooter definitely seems to be a very popular choice and therefore there must be reasons for this.

Firstly, it has won a prestigious Red Dot design award for ‘Best of the Best’, so clearly it must be good. It also is jam packed with features and the build is top quality.

Weight wise the Xiaomi version of the electric scooter comes in as the lightest of all, only by a margin against the Glion Dolly but it is lighter at only 26.9lb (12.2KG) and its range is fantastic too at up to 18.6 miles (29.7KM) which seems an awfully long way to be traveling on a scooter.

I am starting to feel that maybe ‘range anxiety’ might not be something to worry about after all.

The pricing on this is similar to the Glion Dolly with offers that I have found so price here is comparable too.

Ninebot by Segway ES2 Electric Scooter

segway-ninebot-es2Yes, the famous brand Segway are also in on the electric scooter market in a pretty big way.

This is a good-looking electric scooter and it is very high spec as you would expect from a brand like Segway. The stats are pretty impressive too! With a range of up to 15 miles (25KM) and a lightweight body of only 12.5KG they have hit the mark with this one.

Where this one does differ though quite dramatically though is on the price which is higher than all featured so far. It is a Segway though!

Ninebot by Segway ES4 PRO Electric Scooter

Finally because I am reviewing and researching the range of the electric scooters vs the weight it is vital that the Segway ES4 PRO is also given its credit.ninebot-by-segway-es4

This one has the most amazing stats!!!! It only weighs 14KG (30.9lb) but you can travel an astounding 45KM (28 Miles) with this dream machine. Just imagine the adventures you could have on this without having to worry about charging?

As with the Segway ES2 the quality of this is exceptional and it is crammed with features and it looks very slick too.

To get all of this though you will need to dig a lot deeper into your pocket though because this is the most expensive out of all the ones that I have selected, BUT, it does go a long, long way.

All five are top quality and all deliver different range capabilities. With this in mind to prevent any kind of range anxiety I think that it is important to analyse the journey and the reason for the purchase of the electric scooter and then the distance required to make that journey should then dictate or at least help in making the final decision.

Obviously, there might just be one that you just LOVE!!!! But, if it doesn’t have the range you need, then move on and choose another – I don’t want anyone out there getting ‘range anxiety’!

Happy Electric Scooting!

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  1. Todd P Matthews

    I had a scooter in my younger days and I really miss the thrill they bring. While I love biking, I think in the future I’ll opt for a scooter; especially the foldable one, since it’s ideal for easy storage. They bring a thrill, especially an electric one, that a bike could never bring.

  2. Andrey

    Dear Kath
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards their dream-like travel. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
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