Dockless electric scooter companies – How to rent a an electric scooter near you?


Over the past year in many US cities, people will have noticed a sudden swarm of dockless Bird E-Scooterelectric scooter companies popping up and taking over the streets offering an innovative transport solution.

Yes, you can buy these fantastic eco-friendly two-wheeled gems but there are also new and extremely large companies that have seemingly popped up overnight offering them in certain locations for rent.


Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot or Spin – what does this mean?


If the names, Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot or Spin mean nothing to you at all then maybe you just don’t live in a location where these are operational. These are the names of the companies who have set up dockless electric scooter rental schemes all over America in various cities and also plenty of other locations worldwide.

billion-dollar-industriesIn some cities on America, they appeared overnight without asking any permission and then disappeared almost as quickly. There is clearly some grey area surrounding them but the companies involved have created billion dollar companies so we really do need to watch this space because the conversation is not going to end here.


How do the electric scooter city rental schemes work?


This is a very simple concept and is the same for each of the rental companies – Bird, Lime, Skip,lime-scooter-app-download Scoot or Spin. You will need to own a Smartphone and have access to the internet though, otherwise, you are doomed from the start!

So, firstly you download the Smartphone app of your chosen scooter brand, then you enter your credit card details and then finally you simply scan the bar code on the scooter and off you go.

Because they are ‘dockless’, you will use the Smartphone app to locate where an electric scooter is nearby and when you have finished your journey you just leave it in a public place making sure that you are not obstructing traffic or walkways.


What are the benefits of using electric scooter rental schemes?

bird-electric-scooters-nearbyHave you been trying to decide whether to buy an electric scooter? Renting one for a super low cost of a few dollars is absolutely the best way of making that informed decision. Then instead of investing a few hundred dollars on an electric scooter, you can try before you buy for the price of a cup of coffee. This is the way a lot of people become hooked and will then buy ones for themselves easily falling for their charm.

Also, if you don’t own one then you can just find one using the app charged and ready to go and then drop it off without having to worry about storing etc. To be honest with you though, I personally don’t really see this aspect of the scooter a huge problem because we are not talking about storing a bike which does take up a considerable amount of space, plus they weigh more. E scooters are foldable and lightweight so very portable and this is a massive reason for their popularity in the city.

These schemes are also very low cost so you can make a journey which if you were to take a taxi for instance for the same distance for a fraction of the cost.

So to see if there is an electric scooter rental scheme near you, download the apps from Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot or Spin. All of them are expanding rapidly and their companies are worth squillions so the competition within the cities is fierce.

If you do rent an e-scooter or decide to take the plunge and buy one the most important thing though everyone is staying safe out there and happy e-scooting!






1 thought on “Dockless electric scooter companies – How to rent a an electric scooter near you?

  1. Nick Cooke

    Hi Kath!
    A few months ago I had my first experience on an E-scooter. Funnily enough it was in the exact place the photo of the bird scooter is from, Santa Monica LA. As you may know the beachfront is so long there so a scooter or bike is needed to get quickly from Santa Monica to Venice beach, was a good experience, I liked how you can just scan and go!


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