Are electric scooters legal?

This is a massive question for potential users and buyers of electric scooters – are they legal? And, there is not an easy and straightforward answer to this question as I was going to find out. It is not a case of being able to scoot freely wherever you like and even though this might be the case, sometimes it is not and it is illegal.

Are e- scooters legal in the UK?electric-scooter-illegal-in-the-uk

I am starting with this question because I don’t want anyone to rush to buy one for their daily commute through London.

They are classified as PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles) which under current UK
law are not legal on public roads but can be used on private land in the UK. I have been informed though that they are being bought and used and if the user is showing due care and attention then you may not be classed as doing anything wrong. But, currently, they are illegal so please always scoot with caution.

You can always embrace the e-bike revolution instead in the UK if you don’t feel energetic enough to just power your two wheels yourself but you want to go green and join the eco-revolution so all is not lost!

e-scooters-legal-in-the-usaWhat about e-scooters in the USA?

This is where the subject becomes a lot more complicated. This is because of the size of the country and the different rules and classifications in different states.

Overall though, unlike the UK you are able to ride them on sidewalks up to a maximum speed of 15MPH.

However, these rules do differ from state to state and also city to city.

Are other people using e-scooters?

I cannot tell you definitively if you can or cannot legally ride your e-scooter where you live. But, you will have witnessed this happening already or not in your particular area which may be the reason that this has sparked your interest in this subject.

If there are other people happily scooting around then I would be inclined to join them. You could also speak with your local town hall and ask them the question about whether they have specific guidelines and laws attached to them in place.

If you do this then please leave a comment with the town or city where you live and what information you were given.

Obviously, there are many more countries in the world than just the UK and the USA but the key here is that there are very much local laws that can dictate whether you can or cannot ride your e-scooter so my advice is to ask locally for the up to date laws.

With all the laws and also different classifications that the electric scooter seems to have all over the world there is one very important factor attached to all of them and that is safety.

So, even if it is allowed and legal, it is very important that any rules are followed and that they are used and ridden with due care and attention.

Please stay safe out there!

Happy Eco E-Scooting!

DISCLAIMER: This page is provided as help only and does not constitute legal advice. The information in this article may not be comprehensive or current. You are solely responsible for knowing and obeying the laws which pertain to you.

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