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Welcome to my website ecoescooters.com which is something that I got super interested in during a trip to Valencia a few months ago.

I live in Spain, in the countryside but have an apartment in Valencia and I have 3 dogs so when I am in the city I enjoy exploring and walking around the city which is very bicycle friendly with lots of bicycle lanes and it is also very flat.

The new green eco-machines!

A few months ago whilst on one of my many dog walks a spotted a person whizzing past me, ultra silently on what was clearly an electric scooter. My jaw hit the floor and once I realised that it was in fact real I was hooked. Initially, sightings were rare but over the past few months they have become commonplace in the city.

For a daily eco-friendly commute to work, an electric scooter or e-scooter is the perfect solution.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint then you don’t need to worry anymore, if you were going to use the car you could use your electric scooter instead and no doubt get from A to B quicker and not have to worry about parking.

The E-Scooter is THE economical and Eco-Friendly alternative transport choice!

Which E-Scooter to get and where to buy it?

I was a buyer when I lived in London for many years so when I buy anything, I make sure that it is firstly something that will suit my requirements, secondly and very important to me it has to be top quality – you do not want to be E-Scooting around on something that is not good quality and as a ‘Buyer’, value for money is also key.

One stop-resource for information for E-Scooters

I will keep my finger on the pulse with the latest news relating to E-Scooters so you can easily decide which one if for you.

Please contact me anytime for information relating to E-Scooters, I would love to hear from you!

All the best and HAPPY E-SCOOTING!

Kath Poole


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