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Dockless electric scooter companies – How to rent a an electric scooter near you?


Over the past year in many US cities, people will have noticed a sudden swarm of dockless Bird E-Scooterelectric scooter companies popping up and taking over the streets offering an innovative transport solution.

Yes, you can buy these fantastic eco-friendly two-wheeled gems but there are also new and extremely large companies that have seemingly popped up overnight offering them in certain locations for rent.


Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot or Spin – what does this mean?


If the names, Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot or Spin mean nothing to you at all then maybe you just don’t live in a location where these are operational. These are the names of the companies who have set up dockless electric scooter rental schemes all over America in various cities and also plenty of other locations worldwide.

billion-dollar-industriesIn some cities on America, they appeared overnight without asking any permission and then disappeared almost as quickly. There is clearly some grey area surrounding them but the companies involved have created billion dollar companies so we really do need to watch this space because the conversation is not going to end here.


How do the electric scooter city rental schemes work?


This is a very simple concept and is the same for each of the rental companies – Bird, Lime, Skip,lime-scooter-app-download Scoot or Spin. You will need to own a Smartphone and have access to the internet though, otherwise, you are doomed from the start!

So, firstly you download the Smartphone app of your chosen scooter brand, then you enter your credit card details and then finally you simply scan the bar code on the scooter and off you go.

Because they are ‘dockless’, you will use the Smartphone app to locate where an electric scooter is nearby and when you have finished your journey you just leave it in a public place making sure that you are not obstructing traffic or walkways.


What are the benefits of using electric scooter rental schemes?

bird-electric-scooters-nearbyHave you been trying to decide whether to buy an electric scooter? Renting one for a super low cost of a few dollars is absolutely the best way of making that informed decision. Then instead of investing a few hundred dollars on an electric scooter, you can try before you buy for the price of a cup of coffee. This is the way a lot of people become hooked and will then buy ones for themselves easily falling for their charm.

Also, if you don’t own one then you can just find one using the app charged and ready to go and then drop it off without having to worry about storing etc. To be honest with you though, I personally don’t really see this aspect of the scooter a huge problem because we are not talking about storing a bike which does take up a considerable amount of space, plus they weigh more. E scooters are foldable and lightweight so very portable and this is a massive reason for their popularity in the city.

These schemes are also very low cost so you can make a journey which if you were to take a taxi for instance for the same distance for a fraction of the cost.

So to see if there is an electric scooter rental scheme near you, download the apps from Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot or Spin. All of them are expanding rapidly and their companies are worth squillions so the competition within the cities is fierce.

If you do rent an e-scooter or decide to take the plunge and buy one the most important thing though everyone is staying safe out there and happy e-scooting!






Are electric scooters legal?

This is a massive question for potential users and buyers of electric scooters – are they legal? And, there is not an easy and straightforward answer to this question as I was going to find out. It is not a case of being able to scoot freely wherever you like and even though this might be the case, sometimes it is not and it is illegal.

Are e- scooters legal in the UK?electric-scooter-illegal-in-the-uk

I am starting with this question because I don’t want anyone to rush to buy one for their daily commute through London.

They are classified as PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles) which under current UK
law are not legal on public roads but can be used on private land in the UK. I have been informed though that they are being bought and used and if the user is showing due care and attention then you may not be classed as doing anything wrong. But, currently, they are illegal so please always scoot with caution.

You can always embrace the e-bike revolution instead in the UK if you don’t feel energetic enough to just power your two wheels yourself but you want to go green and join the eco-revolution so all is not lost!

e-scooters-legal-in-the-usaWhat about e-scooters in the USA?

This is where the subject becomes a lot more complicated. This is because of the size of the country and the different rules and classifications in different states.

Overall though, unlike the UK you are able to ride them on sidewalks up to a maximum speed of 15MPH.

However, these rules do differ from state to state and also city to city.

Are other people using e-scooters?

I cannot tell you definitively if you can or cannot legally ride your e-scooter where you live. But, you will have witnessed this happening already or not in your particular area which may be the reason that this has sparked your interest in this subject.

If there are other people happily scooting around then I would be inclined to join them. You could also speak with your local town hall and ask them the question about whether they have specific guidelines and laws attached to them in place.

If you do this then please leave a comment with the town or city where you live and what information you were given.

Obviously, there are many more countries in the world than just the UK and the USA but the key here is that there are very much local laws that can dictate whether you can or cannot ride your e-scooter so my advice is to ask locally for the up to date laws.

With all the laws and also different classifications that the electric scooter seems to have all over the world there is one very important factor attached to all of them and that is safety.

So, even if it is allowed and legal, it is very important that any rules are followed and that they are used and ridden with due care and attention.

Please stay safe out there!

Happy Eco E-Scooting!

DISCLAIMER: This page is provided as help only and does not constitute legal advice. The information in this article may not be comprehensive or current. You are solely responsible for knowing and obeying the laws which pertain to you.

Eco Electric Scooters – the green transport revolution!

All cities are going to have higher levels of pollution due to the higher concentration of vehicles, we all know that. Having lived, studied and worked in London for 10 years before moving to Spain
I experienced firsthand the pollution in the city.

Pollution in the cities has reached an Bird E-Scooterall time high

In February 2003 the famous ‘Congestion Charge’ was implemented and was met with a huge amount of controversy at the time. Very few Londoners were happy about having to pay 5 pounds to drive into Zone 1 which was to be known as the ‘Central Zone’.

Since then, this scheme has evolved hugely and encouraged people to choose greener alternatives for their transport and then penalising people who still have the vehicles producing the highest emissions.

Alternative Eco transport solutions

I think that pretty much everyone has owned or owns one of these – a bicycle. The cycling industry has exploded over the past 10 years and as more people choose this as their preferred option to get from A to B we have seen that the general infrastructure around us has also changed dramatically to embrace this with cycle lanes popping up pretty much everywhere.

The development of the E-bike has also opened up doors for a lot of people who just needed that bit of assistance whilst on two wheels.

Electric cars are now starting to come through as more car companies are producing them. But, obviously, you need a lot of money to invest in this new technology.

The same can be said for the Hybrid car which is more commonplace now, but again they are more expensive to buy than a standard petrol model and until we start to see them coming through in the second-hand market they will remain out of reach for most of us as an eco option for transportation.

Electric motorbikes and mopeds again will cost you less money but this is a new market too and the prices are still high.

With the car and motorbike options too you have limited charging options when you are out and about because the infrastructure to support these types of transport has just not been integrated.

Not all forms of transport within a city are things that we have control over, they are public transport options to get you from A to B cheaply, quickly and efficiently. The face of these has changed drastically over recent years with governments worldwide bringing out new initiatives to encourage as much public transportation to be green to improve air quality within their cities and reduce their carbon footprint. London launched the world’s first double-decker electric buses in 2016, Black taxis started silently moving through the streets of London in March 2018, monorail systems, trams and probably one of the most famous being the London Underground system.

We must not forget that we are also able to enjoy the immense pleasure of walking which has massive health benefits, zero impact on the environment and will cost you absolutely nothing!

The E-Scooter has arrived

The new kid on the block is the electric scooter or e-scooter and this has accelerated the green revolution in the cities for the daily commute and getting from A to B.

For those of you out there who may not have encountered one yet, picture this. You know the Razor scooters that took the world by storm for kids – basically, it is a kick scooter that you stand on and hold the handlebars and then project yourself forward by the power of your foot.

Well, these are the scaled up, super high-tech, eco-friendly adult versions powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery to transport you up to 15.5MPH (or 25KMH) over an 18.6 mile range ( 29KMS).

Eco Electric Scooters – it’s a no brainer!

Not only is the e-scooter eco-friendly, it is also a very affordable option which opens it up to a much wider group that cannot buy the new electric Mini or electric VW Golf.

This is also something that will get us out in the fresh air, which hopefully will become even fresher over time.

They are also easy to store because of their size, so parking it by your desk or in your apartment etc is not going to be a problem. Equally, range anxiety due to charging issues would be less because of their portability.

Finally, they are perfect for commuters who need to drive into cities where parking is an issue, you just pop your e-scooter in the back you your car and then park further outside a city centre and then use your electric scooter to get you the rest of the way to work or your destination, keeping the city centre pollution down and no doubt speeding up your journey time instead of getting stuck in those dreaded traffic jams!

I think that the electric scooter has so many applications and benefits. If you have any questions or would like to chat with me about it. Please don’t hesitate to comment below, I would love to hear from you.

TIA and Happy E-Scooting! X

About Kath

Welcome to my website which is something that I got super interested in during a trip to Valencia a few months ago.

I live in Spain, in the countryside but have an apartment in Valencia and I have 3 dogs so when I am in the city I enjoy exploring and walking around the city which is very bicycle friendly with lots of bicycle lanes and it is also very flat.

The new green eco-machines!

A few months ago whilst on one of my many dog walks a spotted a person whizzing past me, ultra silently on what was clearly an electric scooter. My jaw hit the floor and once I realised that it was in fact real I was hooked. Initially, sightings were rare but over the past few months they have become commonplace in the city.

For a daily eco-friendly commute to work, an electric scooter or e-scooter is the perfect solution.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint then you don’t need to worry anymore, if you were going to use the car you could use your electric scooter instead and no doubt get from A to B quicker and not have to worry about parking.

The E-Scooter is THE economical and Eco-Friendly alternative transport choice!

Which E-Scooter to get and where to buy it?

I was a buyer when I lived in London for many years so when I buy anything, I make sure that it is firstly something that will suit my requirements, secondly and very important to me it has to be top quality – you do not want to be E-Scooting around on something that is not good quality and as a ‘Buyer’, value for money is also key.

One stop-resource for information for E-Scooters

I will keep my finger on the pulse with the latest news relating to E-Scooters so you can easily decide which one if for you.

Please contact me anytime for information relating to E-Scooters, I would love to hear from you!

All the best and HAPPY E-SCOOTING!

Kath Poole